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Hi Everyone

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First Triple Elite Player in Elite Dangerous

sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
edited March 2015 in Elite: Dangerous
Wow this is impressive at the speed in which %OnePercent% completed that task.... all I have to say is use that 10K Pounds to get a social life because he needs to get out more and away from Elite. He said he averaged 12-16 hrs per day playing.... I am lucky to play a game that much in a week :)
Read about it in the thread on the elite forums here:

Anyone here getting close to achieving that Triple Elite status?


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    Ugh.  I'm enjoying Elite so far, despite it's flaws, but this is just ridiculous.  I think the only game I've ever played for even 6 hours a day for a prolonged period of time was Morrowind, and even that was only because I was in high school at the time.  Elite is DEFINITELY NOT interesting enough to warrant spending so much time playing it, at the moment (sad to say).  The mind-numbing boredom of doing that much trading is too horrible to fathom.  On the other hand, I'd like to do much more exploring than I have, but that topic brings up many frustrations with playing what is, at least in principle, an MMO.

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    Anyone here getting close to achieving that Triple Elite status? 


    Ha! I am still a novice  :pilot: , and I bought E:D on the day it was released  :haha: . Some people have too much time, on their hands  :crazy: !!!!!

  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
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    I guess that player put in a lot of work to do that, to me though it's more about the journey rather than how fast you get there.

  • robskerobske Star Apocalypse Developer
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    Fun thing is that I know the player who pulled that off :) He's in the coalition I'm in on Shores of Hazeron :)

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    i guess if you look at it as a job that will net you a large sum of cash it would be worthwhile but what if someone piped you too the post. I'd be surprised if I make Elite in any of the three metrics, though eventually i might come close in one. Whilst the game has improved significantly I agree with Expandingman, there is not that many hours of fun in the game as it stands.

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    Sorry to bump up an old thread..... (it wasn't that far down in the topics list, so it's not *that* forgotten eh?)


    Well all I can say is that winner of the $10K prize can probably now just about afford what "Frontier" (the gippin gets) will be expecting us to fork out, over the coming years, to finally end up with an "Elite : Dangerous" that has all the features/content that it *should* have had by *now*!

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